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About Us

People are always looking for a better life. Especially, in our dynamic world. This is why the demand for places that are all about the business life (London, Berlin, Moscow, etc.) is growing as well as it does for those where one can chill and have some rest from that endless hustle.

One of such places is our Jurmala. It is a good place to start your journey to Europe from — on one hand, Russian language is widely spoken here, on the other hand, Latvia is a full member of the European Union, Schengen zone, and euro zone. Here you can find people of similar temperament, so to say, similar "culture code".

 Here the climate is mild, the air is perfectly clean and filled with phytoncides. Here one may find medical & resort infrastructure, moreover, Riga — the European capital of culture in 2014 — is right nearby with its beautiful Opera and the oldest Russian drama theatre outside Russia that celebrated its 130 anniversary last year. This is an intersection of Europe and a quiet place to rest from all your worries.

 Turning to Private World, you will find a great support in the process of purchasing real estate in Jurmala and Riga as well as in the process of obtaining a residential permit. We are ready to take care of all the formalities related to the arrangement of your deal.