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Viesītes iela 4 Dubulti

Viesītes iela 4 Dubulti
Listing ID 4882
Price €80,000

Land for sale, a unique place in a secluded place, the plot in front of the house is not subject to development according to the development plan, that is, the approach to the Lielupe River is free. There is a demolished brick building on the site. Near the city beach for swimming.

Mixed center building area (JC46):

Mixed central development (CZ) is a functional zone defined for a territory on which a wide range of mixed use has historically developed or which serves as the center of a city, village or microdistrict, as well as in building zones. which are planned to be turned into such centers.

Main uses of the territory
-Construction of office buildings (12001): Construction, consisting of economic facilities, administrative facilities.
- Construction of trade and/or service facilities (12002): Construction of trade, service, catering, trade and technical service facilities.
- Construction of educational and scientific institutions (12007): A building consisting of an educational institution, a research institution. 1999. Construction of animal care facilities (12010): Construction of animal care facilities.
- Construction of row houses (11005).
- Construction of residential buildings (11006).

- Landscaped public open area (24001).

- Construction of sports buildings and facilities (12005): A building consisting of a sports facility.

- Construction of social service facilities (12009): Construction consisting of social service facilities with or without accommodation.

- Construction of tourism and recreation facilities (12003): Construction of resort facilities, guest accommodation facilities, campsites.

- Construction of defense and security facilities (12006): Construction, consisting of buildings of the state and municipal police, buildings of fire and rescue services, emergency stations.

Types of additional use of the territory

Construction of light industry enterprises (13001): Construction of light industry enterprises.
Transport service infrastructure (14003): Construction related to transport service infrastructure.

Building parameters:
Maximum building density (%) - 40.
Building height (m) -20.